Inside Life is a free magazine seeking insight and answers to life’s deep questions and challenges. We aim to provide articles of lasting hope, help and encouragement for successful living in today’s fast-moving world.

Inside Life is a magazine of understanding. Rather than just reporting on life, Inside Life seeks to delve inside the marvellous mystery that is life, to discover what it is all about. What does life mean? Where did it come from? How can we make the most of it?

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The current issue of Inside Life

Our Cover Story: 

Is the End Near?  The Covid-19 pandemic has raged around the globe with the ferocity of a freshly unleashed tiger, causing death and misery on an immense scale. For millennia people have predicted the End of the World. Are they right this time?

The Parable of the Dancing Bees Just like the bees, surely we can achieve our aims in life without resorting to warfare with others.

God and Coronavirus: Gone Missing? How could a living, just, powerful God allow such a global tragedy?

I Once was Lost, But Now...  Did you hear the story of the man who left his $400,000 violin on the train?

Waiting Room  How long do people have to wait before you help them?

No Time to Die  The title of the latest Bond film raises the question "Is there ever a right time to die?"

The Milk of Human Kindness  We honour the sacrifices made by front-line workers in emergency services during the pandemic. Where does their kindness come from?

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